Sidetember is a fun initiative running in the month formerly known as September to help raise funds for people living with a brain injury, supporting the Return2Sport cycle hubs, which help people living with brain injury get back on their bikes and active again.

We want you – brave SideGuys and SideGirls – to sign up for the Sidetember 'On the Side' Challenge, where you will gain a small experience of what it is like for people to live with a brain injury. By providing your email we'll send you  3 challenges to do ‘On the Side’ every week - Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

Throughout the course of the month you'll get an insight in to the challenges people living with brain injury face. Each challenge ties back in to a type of brain injury, for example, you could be asked to not speak for an hour, which is a common effect stroke can have on the brain. 

Of course you can also create your own challenge – run a marathon, give up something you love for the month – whatever your challenge is, your Sidetember family will be there to support and cheer you all the way.